Make an Anthropo-Scene

Diorama-esque Installation

2017 — Built

Collaborators: Cosmo Design Factory

Exhibit and Installation Design, Public Space Design, Environmental Graphics

Make an Anthropo-Scene explores the potential for architecture to operate as both a diorama and a caricature simultaneously. The conventions of both the diorama and the caricature are associated with the representation of life. In the case of the diorama, life is portrayed in situ, depicting a “realistic” context that provides narrative and empathy to the experiences of the individual creature. Alternatively, the caricature depicts life distilled to an essential character, telling a story that privileges an observer’s bias and perspective at the expense of realistic detail and irrelevant background information. As a hybrid condition, this installation reduces form to a simplified volumetric outline and a slightly erroneous and cartoonish shadow that makes occupiable space within and around a shallow exhibition alcove. Passersby are invited to pop their head in, be hugged by, or sit between these creaturely figures—to become a part of the ever-changing scene.