Could Be Architecture is the design practice of Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison that takes pleasure in projecting what the world could be.

We work at all scales of the designed and built environment. We believe that architecture enacts its greatest potential when it builds audiences that didn't previously exist; when it communicates a story, resonates with people's emotions, and instigates enthusiasm around the activities and aesthetics that it stages. We're invested in architecture that might be playfully sincere and seriously funny.

We enjoy eyeing the everyday, drawing details, and strategizing scenarios. We're interested in borrowing familiar forms from our surroundings to unlock their latent potentials, and in coupling forms and graphics to propel performance and conjure meaning. Fueled by a collaborative adventure with clients, consultants and colleagues, our designs deliver objects and spaces of desire, both built and speculative, endowed with dreamy but calculated optimism. By positioning architecture as an active character in the world, we envision a future full of surprise, wonder, and delight.


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